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The fun fair has arrived at Worthing for the Carnival week-end and I have been watching a giddying ride called 2Xtremes.  It is a towering arm which swings a cradle 159 feet up into the air with eight passengers strapped into open chairs.  All one can see from the beach is a lot of waving legs and hear a lot of screams.

Passengers are advised to take glasses off, leave purses and phones on the ground.  Most of them are taking their shoes off as well.  The cradle swings vigorously so passengers are often upside-down.  Lots of odd things fall out of pockets.

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The Last Carousel

I wrote a story about the loyalty of merry-go-round families, based on a true event that I witnessed happening on Worthing seafront at midnight.  This fact/fiction story is published in My Weekly this week, issue 5087, dated 27 August.   It’s called The Last Carousel. 

It is Bank Holiday carnival this week-end and I shall be taking photocopies of the story with me to give to those valiant women who helped dig.

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Taking my own advice from an earlier course at Swanwick, I began my new book. The course was The Ninety Day Novel.  The basic idea is that the first draft of a novel can be written in ninety days if 700 words are written every day.  If  a day is missed because of wedding, illness, vet emergency, then you add on another day at the end.

First evening’s work was only 400 words but I made up for it yesterday and today reached over 2250.  First chapter almost finished.

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Casey Jones Cruise Ship Mystery Series

Second Sitting (2008)
Dead Slow Ahead (2008)
A Wide Berth (2010)

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News Update

This is my first ever E-log.   They will always be short and sweet.  I have emerged from six hectic days at Swanwick Writers Summer School in beautiful Derbyshire.  It was a time to renew old friendships and mourn lost friends.

Swanwick generates ideas and work.  I have come home with ideas for two new books and several short stories.   I’m already combing a road atlas for names to use.  Forget the phone book, go for a map instead.



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Cruise and write (2009)

Now you can attend writing lectures while cruising.

Stella is building upon the successful writing courses of ’06 ’07 and ’07 given while travelling to the ports of Acapulco, Huatulco, The Panama Canal, Curacao, and Margarita Island!  New destination: The Black Sea.

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Work in progress

We are still working on this section of the Web site.  Please come back again later.

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How to write and sell a book proposal

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How to write short-short stories (1996)

How to Write Short-Stories front cover

How to Write Short-Stories front cover

Part of the Allison and busby Writers’ Guides series, this title is the only guide to writing and selling the one-page story.

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Grimalkin’s Tales
Strange and Wonderful Cat Stories (1983)

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