Jordan Lacey Series

The following are the titles in the Jordan Lacey series:

Fold and Die (2009)
Turn and Die (2007)
Ring and Die (2005)
Jest and Die (2004)
Hide and Die (2003)
Spin and Die (2002)
Wave and Die (2001)
Pray and Die (2000)


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  1. Jean Parkinson says:

    Hi Stella, i love your Jordan Lacy series,however i need large print books and my library has only had two of the titles. I am thinking of purchasing a Kindle so as to give me access to many more books as the size of print is adjustable. I am disappointed to find none of your books are available through Kindle. Is this something you might
    consider in the near future? I do hope so.

    Kind Regards
    Jean Parkinson

    • stella says:

      Dear Jean

      I am so glad that you enjoy reading the Jordan Lacey books. I love writing them. They are all in large print or audio. I expect you will have to order them from the library and they will get them from elsewhere.

      I do hope Severn House will publish the 9th, which I am writing now. The publishing business is not in a happy state at the moment and Edwin Buckhalter is very careful.

      Best wishes and happy reading

      • Kip says:

        Dear Ms. Whitelaw,
        I was just going to ask if there would be another Jordan Lacey. I’m very happy that there will be. I’ve been re-reading my set and have just started on the last of them. I look forward to the next.
        Many thanks for the hours of enjoyable reading,

        • stella says:

          Dear Kip

          Yes, I am in the process of starting a new Jordan Lacey, in response to
          a lot of emails. It is set during a jazz festival on the Dorset coast.
          I thought I’d give Jordan a change of scenery.

      • stella says:

        Dear Jean,
        Two in the series have now been published digitally by Endeavor Press – Hide and Die, Spin and Die.
        BW Stella

    • stella says:

      My book Midsummer Madness will be an ebook in January 2012.
      It is about stage fright and a production of Twelfth Night. Quite

    • stella says:

      DEAR jEAN

      Pray and Die is now an ebook with a terrific cover. The publishers are
      Tirgearr Publishing. Hope you can track it down.

  2. I have really enjoyed all of the jordan Lacey books and I’m glad to see that you are working on a new one. I just got the ebook verion of Pray and Die. I look forward to the rest being available as well. I have the complete set in hardcover but it’s nice to have it electronically. I have also enjoyed the audio versions.

  3. robert says:

    Have you written a follow up book to Fold & Die?

  4. Dave Mills says:

    Dear Ms Whitelaw

    I see from above that you were writing a new Jordan Lacey book in August 2012. Did this eventuate and, if so, who are the publishers. Is it still Random House?

    Please keep up the good work.


  5. Tracey Nally says:

    Hi Stella. I love the Jordan Lacey books and am wondering is there another in the pipeline?

    • stella says:

      Dear Tracey, I am very glad you like them. I am afraid the series is now finished with number 9. They were great fun to write.

  6. Jackie MacDonald says:

    I love your Jordan Lacey series of books. I have read all of them. will you be releasing
    Another title anytime soon.

    • stella says:

      Dear Jackie, the last in the series was Jazz and Die – the 9th book.
      I enjoyed writing them very much.

  7. Paula says:

    Anymore Jordan Lacey books? I loved all of them!

    • stella says:

      Dear Paula, the last in the series was Jazz and Die – the 9th book.
      I enjoyed writing them very much.

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