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Cat Stories (1981)
True Cat Stories (1986)
Stella Whitelaw’s Cats’ Tales (1987)
Collected Cat Stories (1988)
Cats’ Tales: A Treasury (1989)
More Cat Stories (1990)
New Cat Stories (1991)
The Owl and the Pussy Cats (1993)
Favourite Cat Stories (2000)

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Midsummer Madness (2009)
Dead Slow Ahead (2008)
Second Sitting (2008)
Mirror Mirror (2006)
Veil of Death (2004)
Favourite Cat Stories (2000)
Sweet Seduction (1997)
Cruise Doctor (1996)
No Darker Heaven (1996)
Secret Taj (1995)
Deluge (1994)
A Certain Hunger (1993)
The Owl and the Pussycats (1993)
A Cat Wasn’t There (1992)
Pennyroyal (1991)
Dragon Lady (1991)
Eagle’s Eye (1990)
More Cat Stories (1990)
This Savage Sky (1990)
Weave a Loving Web (1990)
Pennyroyal (1989)
Baptism of Fire (1989)
Collected Cat Stories (1988)
Cats’ Tales (1987)
Flood Tide (1986)
True Cat Stories (1986)
Another Word for Love (1985)
Love is a Star Garden (1985)
Secret Taj (1984)
Grimalkin’s Tales (1984)
Desert Storm (1983)
Sweet Chastity (1979)
Another Word for Love (1977)
Love is a Star Garden (1974)
Weave a Loving Web (1971)

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Jordan Lacey Series

The following are the titles in the Jordan Lacey series:

Fold and Die (2009)
Turn and Die (2007)
Ring and Die (2005)
Jest and Die (2004)
Hide and Die (2003)
Spin and Die (2002)
Wave and Die (2001)
Pray and Die (2000)


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Please click on one of the links below to access the type of fiction whose titles you would like to see.

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West Sussex Writers’ Club (Worthing)

Sessions at Worthing Library:

  • 26th June, 2009 – Writer’s Advice
  • 26th September, 2009 – Writer’s Advice
  • 12th November, 2009 – Let’s Write a Radio Play
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Swanwick Writers’ Summer School 2009

Stella is to give a four-lecture, course in August ’09.
The course title is The Successful Private Eye.

  • How to Write Short Stories
  • How to Write the PI Crime
  • How to write the 90 day Novel
  • Finding a niche for your novel 
  • The Novel X factor
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How to write and sell a synopsis (1993)

Front cover of How to Write and Sell a Synopsis

Front cover of How to Write and Sell a Synopsis

Writing a synopsis is like baking a cake.  And if you follow this step-by-step recipe then the dreaded synopsis will no longer be a problem.  Firmly but gently, Stella Whitelaw shows th new writer how to master the art of writing a saleable synopsis and a working outline.  with humour, optimism and enthusiasm, she guides you through the difficulties of planning, plotting, creating characters, character charts and writer’s blocks, as well as providing useful hints on the personal disciplines of being a writer.

Writing should be fun, believes Stella Whitelaw, and in this invaluable guide she not only shows the writer how to enjoy writing but also how to be a professional and successful.


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