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A new contemporary novel has been accepted.  The editor said it was excellent.  BUT it is too short for their £18.99 selling price.  Would I write 22,000 words more?  I don’t do padding, so it means more plot, more sub-plots.  Quite a considerable workload to take on when I thought the book was finished.

And I am on chapter 11 of a new book which is filling my thoughts, day and night.

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Back to work

Nor more sitting on my ocean balcony.  I grew quite fond of the crane and seven life rafts.  Lifeboat 6 was mine, so I needn’t muster but could jump over the rail and into the lifeboat.

 It was a great cruise.  My group was so talented.  The best port of call wss Tarragona, a World Heritage Site.  Columns and Roman walls everywhere, spouting out of cafes and restaurants.  Even the internet cafe had a bit of Roman.  Went on funny little train with chain to stop you falling out.  It went all through medieval town, so narrow that pedestrians had to flatten themselves against the walls.

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Returned from Saga Ruby cruise, exhausted but with lots of new ideas.  Met very talented writers who just need to get started.  In Gibralter saw a monkey who could drive a mini-bus. Tarragona was wonderful.  Recommend the tiny train drive through medieval and Roman ruins which have been built on.

Back to writing now.  Those 15 days were great, and I became very fond of my view of a crane, 7 life rafts and a lifeboat.  I only had to hop over the rail and I was in it.

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