Returned from Saga Ruby cruise, exhausted but with lots of new ideas.  Met very talented writers who just need to get started.  In Gibralter saw a monkey who could drive a mini-bus. Tarragona was wonderful.  Recommend the tiny train drive through medieval and Roman ruins which have been built on.

Back to writing now.  Those 15 days were great, and I became very fond of my view of a crane, 7 life rafts and a lifeboat.  I only had to hop over the rail and I was in it.

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  1. Hello Stella my name is Anthony Newton who went on the Western Mediteranean Cruise with my Dad and Mum at the same time as you. From the 19th September to the 4th October, it was my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary their names are Dan (Derek) & Beryl Newton. I was very honoured to be commended for my composition from a lady with all your literary works: and thus who obviously has all her time taken up with her work for the comedy sketches for radio 4 Casey Jones cheif editor for one of the London newspapers
    The composition has now been entered into the cardiff council all comers poetry competition it is in the top two or three competitions in the world. I have e-mailed this competition entitled “Yellow Tears”. As you are a genteel and very wise and upstanding lady. I am going to entrust it with you.
    “Yellow Tears”

    There is an artist, who painted, his beloved white water lillies.
    Avision of sunlight, casts a reflection in all the ponds in Paris which implies.
    He wants the world to see that his sparkling shadows.
    Have a fresh, new perspective allowing all those who want to follow by opening windows.

    To learn from him in their own work, thus fresh new perspective impressionism.
    As he developed cataracts within his aging eyes, creating a benign realism.
    As his ability to create fiery yellow pathways across the ponds and rivers.
    When the sun waxes and wanes, using his vision in brush stroked fingers.

    Paintings drawn throughout his blissful solace, in his studio within the suburbs of Paris.
    Not knowing what was making him go blind, and I find that to be very kind.
    As he progressed with a pageant of flowers in his declining years.
    As those once adorned white water lillies, slowly turned to “yellow tears”.

    Stella hope you have a lovely christmas and may be one day again our paths will cross with you once again being a hand of guidance and me a very attertive listener to all your wise comments and indications.

    Yours Anthony Newton Dan (Derek) & Beryl Newton

  2. Stella just let us know you are O.K. and your Well and about to have a restfull Christmas and new Yeaer by saying Yes I have got the poem and I am O.K. Anthony

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