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Secrets of a Ballistic Cat

This little gift book is published this month. Nice write-up in Writers Magazine, page WN15, about chosing the covers after the school competition.
New task: wrote my first Press Release
to send to editors. Only three paragraphs but who has time to read a long piece?
The great selling point of this little gift book is that it can be sent in an A5 envelope through the 5 mm slot. It could be a thank you for a kindness, or a cheer up for someone who is down.

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Money Never Sleeps

Last year I set myself a 90 day deadline for writing the first draft of a book. After several titles, it became MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, and Hale will be publishing it this year. The first draft was followed by two revisions, then a third. Hope there’s a lovely cover of a lake with a willow tree…

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