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Holly’s Ticket to Danger and The Four Wise Men

Some good news.  Sold a new crime book – ebook and paperback.  My Christmas story, The Four Wise Men is in this week’s My Weekly.  It is very funny.

All ages would enjoy it.

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Garden Inspiration

This lovely weather is perfect for writing in the garden.  Many of my short stories have been sown and blossomed in the garden.  Take  notebook, pen, a cup of coffee and some cushions into the garden, find your favourite spot and suddenly you’ll see a butterfly or a nodding flower and the words will start to flow.



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Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary

As it is this famous writer’s anniversary, I have written
a short story that airs many of his often quoted lines.
It’s called Nodding Violets. Fingers crossed.

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Apologies to Everyone

I am sorry that I have not been in touch with my writing friends.  It has been a stressful year nursing my husband day and night.  Now life has to go on.

A new book out soon A Rose Named Vengeance and 403 short stories published.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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A Lot of Toasting

We have just toasted the newly published Prosecco Fortune with Prosecco,
of course. We stood under and toasted a newly built porch so I will
not get wet looking for my key. We also toasted the new Princess.
A thoroughly enjoyable occasion.

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The Prosecco Fortune

This crime novel, set in Venice and the vineyards that produce
prosecco grapes, is published in hardback tomorrow. The ebook
comes out in May. Off to buy a bottle (or two) to celebrate
the launch.

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Boris the Amazing Cat

My three stories about Boris the Amazing Cat are now published as
e-books. They are Easy Readers for 6-8 year olds, learning to read.
They are quite amusing stories as Boris is part Superman, part Incrediable Hulk, the Invincible Four and totally amazing. Even parents
enjoy reading them.

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Story behind the story

The Prosecco Fortune is actually two books. It began as one book
then turned into another book. Hope you can’t see the joins! I loved
writing it because Venice is one of my favourite places and the research
was a joy.

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Jasper online!

Would you believe it – that Ballistic Cat of mine has started his very own facebook page?
He didn’t even wait for me to set up my own.
You can follow his antics here…

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The Prosecco Fortune

The Prosecco Fortune is published on April 31st 2015.
It is set in Venice, my favourite place and is about Prosecco champagne, my favourite drink.

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