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Coming Up Roses!

After some challenging times – good news…
The new novel “A Rose Named Vengeance” has been released.

It is a digital book published by Tirgearr and available via the usual outlets: Kindle, Apple, Smashwords, Kobo, Nook.

The main character is Ashley Rivers, who as a young girl lives a turbulent life and becomes entangled in a relationship with Ryan. She has to bury a secret in the parkland of Kerran Hall. However, now as a woman; a passionate clash develops while she seeks to find the truth behind Ryan and her mother’s tragic deaths.

(You can read an expert on Tirgearr’s website and purchase it directly from them or any of the outlets mentioned above.)

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Midsummer Madness (2009)
Dead Slow Ahead (2008)
Second Sitting (2008)
Mirror Mirror (2006)
Veil of Death (2004)
Favourite Cat Stories (2000)
Sweet Seduction (1997)
Cruise Doctor (1996)
No Darker Heaven (1996)
Secret Taj (1995)
Deluge (1994)
A Certain Hunger (1993)
The Owl and the Pussycats (1993)
A Cat Wasn’t There (1992)
Pennyroyal (1991)
Dragon Lady (1991)
Eagle’s Eye (1990)
More Cat Stories (1990)
This Savage Sky (1990)
Weave a Loving Web (1990)
Pennyroyal (1989)
Baptism of Fire (1989)
Collected Cat Stories (1988)
Cats’ Tales (1987)
Flood Tide (1986)
True Cat Stories (1986)
Another Word for Love (1985)
Love is a Star Garden (1985)
Secret Taj (1984)
Grimalkin’s Tales (1984)
Desert Storm (1983)
Sweet Chastity (1979)
Another Word for Love (1977)
Love is a Star Garden (1974)
Weave a Loving Web (1971)

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