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Everyone’s got a dark side

I am thrilled that my new book ‘Dangerous Shadows’ has been published by Endeavour Press.

Here’s a little hint of what’s to come:

When nineteen year old Holly Gray becomes an assistant to Luke Kenyon – a devilishly handsome American producer working in London – she has no idea how head over heels in love with him she will fall. After a wonderful summer together, he asks her to meet him at Heathrow with his favourite ginger biscuits before he flies home.

But when Holly arrives at Heathrow, Luke has left, leaving nothing but a goodbye note at the check-in desk. Holly is devastated. But things are about to get worse for the red haired beauty, when she meets Jake Fellows, a man down on his luck…

Set against the sultry backdrop of Barbados, Dangerous Shadows will have you wondering just how dangerous the past can be…

Dangerous Shadows is available as an ebook direct from Amazon by clicking on the image below.

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Hide and Die

Hide and Die is now an ebook published by Endeavor Press – another in the Jordan Lacey Series.

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WAVE and Die

Wave and Die is on Amazon free for this week 18-22.  It is one of the acclaimed Jordan Lacey series.  Spin and Die is also on Amazon.


My latest crime book DANGEROUS SHADOWS  is now published as an ebook.  If there are enough sales it may arrive on our bookshelves as a paperback.

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Writers Block?

Several of my writing friends have been struck with the dreaded writers block.  I know how it feels.  It feels like the end of the world when you stare at an empty page.

Stella’s Solution:  Read and read and read.  This is your chance to catch up on all those lovely books piling up on the floor.  Then switch on your computer and start a stream of writing about anything, the weather, the cat, the itch on your right elbow.  Before you know it, a story will begin to form.  It may not be what you were planning to write next but at least it has loosened those frozen words.

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Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary

As it is this famous writer’s anniversary, I have written
a short story that airs many of his often quoted lines.
It’s called Nodding Violets. Fingers crossed.

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Apologies to Everyone

I am sorry that I have not been in touch with my writing friends.  It has been a stressful year nursing my husband day and night.  Now life has to go on.

A new book out soon A Rose Named Vengeance and 403 short stories published.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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A Lot of Toasting

We have just toasted the newly published Prosecco Fortune with Prosecco,
of course. We stood under and toasted a newly built porch so I will
not get wet looking for my key. We also toasted the new Princess.
A thoroughly enjoyable occasion.

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Reveiw of Jazz and Die

Sarah Highbee has written a great review of this book. To read it log into her website: and put the title of the book in the search space.
Thank you, Sarah

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Belling A Cat

My childrens book (age 12-14) is now published as an ebook.  It is called Belling a Cat which is an old legend meaning trying to do something almost impossible.

My heroine is trying to learn Old Norse which is the language spoken in the Shetlands a very long time ago.    This is so she can talk to a feral cat that she is determined to rescue.

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Boris the Amazing Cat

My three stories about Boris the Amazing Cat are now published as
e-books. They are Easy Readers for 6-8 year olds, learning to read.
They are quite amusing stories as Boris is part Superman, part Incrediable Hulk, the Invincible Four and totally amazing. Even parents
enjoy reading them.

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