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Story behind the story

The Prosecco Fortune is actually two books. It began as one book
then turned into another book. Hope you can’t see the joins! I loved
writing it because Venice is one of my favourite places and the research
was a joy.

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Hauntings, Once More

This ebook published by Tirgearr is the third in the Once More series. The previous books were Yesterday, Once More (nostalia and historical) and Christmas, Once More.
I should love to write some more. Have my readers any good ideas please?

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Hauntings, Once More

Isn’t this a fabulous cover? Thank you, Charlene Raddon. I love the cat and the old books, the creepy trees and the misty woman. These 15 ghostly tales are very different, do not expect the usual. I love writing this Once More series and would welcome new titles for the series.

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Sweet Seduction

My long novel about the sugar industry in Barbados is currently on
offer at Tirgearr for 99 pence. It’s two stories running alongside.
The wild young woman who was her grandmother and the modern
granddaughter trying to find out the truth.

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Hauntings once more

New e-book out today!
It is 15 ghost stories but no headless riders or clanking chains.

You can get a sneak preview or order a copy here…


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Jazz and Die 2014

The nineth book in the Jordan Lacey series will be published in February 2014, hardback and ebook.  The cover is wonderful, depicting Corfe Castle in Dorset and a smashing yellow Mazda.  The car belongs to my friend, Jackie, West Sussex Writers Club, and I have had many lifts in it, in all weathers.

Apologies for gap in posts.  Pretty tough time.  Started with a scratch from Jasper, my very simple cat and was resolved with a hospital stay, two drains, straight jacket and a morphine drip.  I have to thank Jasper for saving my life.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to all my readers


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e -book sale

All my ebooks published by Tirgearr Publishing are this
week featured at a special price of 99cents. This is to celebrate Tirgearr’s first year of publishing.

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Talks in 2013

I have ten talks booked in 2013 which will keep me even busier.
The first two at on the 3rd and 16th of January, at Limpsfield and Godstone WI meetings. Swanwick Writers school have booked me for a short course next August. It will be about Starting your Novel, the planning, the plotting, finding time, and lots more.

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The new Jordan Lacey is progressing. Started Chapter 12 yesterday but was distracted by idea for new short story which I just had to write.

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Midsummer Madness

Delighted that Midsummer Madness has been chosen by Kindle as their Book of the Month in their Summer Promotion. This also means that they will be selling it at a special low price. This is the story of a London production of the Tweolfth Night from the prompt’s point of view. It’s no fun being the prompt as I well know, having prompted nine shows at the Barn Theatre and two down at Minack, Porthcurno, Cornwall.

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