Wave and Die

Wave and Die front cover

Front cover of Wave and Die

The second in the acclaimed Jordan Lacey series.

In the next case after Pray and Die, off-the-wall PI Jordan Lacey has progressed to cases of an entirely different class, from stolen water lilies to vandalism at the Women’s Institute.  But Sussex wives will be careless with their husbands, and soon enough Jordan is on the trail of another missing spouse.

Complications arise when the husband in question is found dead in a burning showroom, and his ‘wife’ turns out not to be married to him.  Then Jordan is accused of the arson attack at the scene of the crime and really starts to wonder whether sleuthing is her true vocation.  There’s a silver lining to every cloud, however: now that Jordan’s in this deep, she doesn’t have to vie for the attention of dishy DI James, since he’s hounding her

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